Funtastic Fun Denver Indoor Amusement Park Winter Hours

Funtastic Fun is a fun place to take kids in Denver. Funtastic Fun discounts can be hard to come by, but it never hurts to search for coupons online or for printable coupons. If that doesn’t work, try taking a peak at all of those free parenting magazines that that put out all over town.

funtastic-fun-denver-amusement-park-hours Like many Colorado attractions, Funtastic Fun has different hours for summer and winter. In the summer, when kids are out of school are parents are looking for something fun to do with kids in Denver, they look for playgrounds, amusement parks, rides, and carnivals. Many of them end up at Denver’s Fantastic Fun on those summer days when it is too hot to be outside, because Funtastic Fun’s best feature is that it is INDOORS with air conditioning.

However, when fall rolls around and the kids head back to school, a big chunk of Funtastic Fun’s target age group becomes unavailable Monday through Friday, and so like many other kid-friendly places in Colorado, Funtastic cuts back the hours it is open during the week.

This is too bad for the parents of young children who either are not in school yet, or who are in half-day Kindergarten, because everyone knows that it is the busiest on weekends. The good news is that Funtastic Fun is open two weekdays in the Winter and Fall. The standard weekday Winter hours for Funtastic Fun are open on both Thursday and Friday at 10:00 AM. If you have preschoolers, this is the perfect time to take them for some uncrowded fun on carnival rides like a Ferris wheel, teacup rids, and for some jumping and running in a bouncy castle.

Of course, they are open on weekends too, also at 10:00 AM. Older kids can accompany younger siblings then. Even though it makes sense to be inside on a cold winter days, Funtastic Fun is still busier in the summer than in the winter, so don’t hesitate to drop by, even if it is a weekend day.

With it being off season, you might have better luck finding online coupons for Funtastic Fun or printable coupons with discounted admission to Funtastic Fun.

Marcyzks Fine Food Grocery Store

denver-grocery-marcyzk Marcyzk Fine Foods is a secret of Denver locals and long-time residents. It is located just east of downtown Denver on 17th Street. Known to locals as Marcyzks (pronounced mar-ziks), this neighborhood grocery store offers high end groceries and meats and a top-tier deli that will make your mouth water.

Make no mistake, this is not a locally owned version of Safeway or other major grocery chain. You won’t find Fruity Pebbles on the shelves here. Basically, if you would find it in those middle aisles at the typical grocery store, you won’t find it here. If you would find it along the edges of a standard grocery in the meat, deli, bakery, or specialty foods section, then you’ll find a top of the line, mouth watering version somewhere inside of Marcyzks.

Buy Picnic Food or Treats for Hotel Room Dining

Seasoned travelers, especially those who travel for work, know that eating in the hotel restaurant night after night can get old. Even the variety provided by the accessibility of Denver’s downtown area via the free 16th Street Shuttle bus can run out of charm for the business person on the third night of their fourth straight week in a downtown Denver hotel.

For families traveling with children, or for sightseeing travelers looking for a little extra charm and intimacy, a picnic in one of Denver’s many city parks, or along one of the city’s small rivers can be a welcome break from meals on the road. For people headed up into the mountains for a day trip from Denver, or even out to Rocky Mountain National Park, a bag full of snacks and goodies from Marcyzks can make the drive as nice as the view from the mountains.

Grab some deli meats. There are plenty of choices that don’t require refrigeration. Then, choose some fine cheeses, delicious fresh baked bread in wide variety of flavors and loaf styles. Don’t forget to take along a knife and fork. If you are looking for a break from the usual soda brands like Coke and Pepsi, you’ll find plenty of alternative drink choices at Marcyzks including hand-crafted root beers.

Of course, wine goes great with cheese and local Denver liquor store Argonaunt is just a few blocks away on Colfax Avenue.

Your hotel concierge can set you up with a ride to Marcyzks, or if you are in one of the hotels on the eastern side of the city, it can be a pleasant walk, as long as you don’t buy too many groceries to carry!

Denver Public Art Free Artwork Around City

big-blue-bear-denver-sculptureThe City of Denver has an ambitious public art program. Initiated more than a decade ago, the City and County of Denver public arts program requires that all construction and infrastructure projects over a certain dollar amount set aside one percent of the overall budget in order to purchase and erect public art around the city. An unforeseen consequence of the 1% to public art rule has been the creation of some enormous public works of art as developers sought to fulfill the city mandate with a single piece of sculpture or other outdoor art. The result is a city full of large public sculptures that may be viewed for free around the city.

Free Art for Families, Visitors, and Tourists

The City of Denver offers a Guide to Public Art to help families find and see free artworks to help inspire children and adults alike while also providing fun free stuff to do in Denver. Visitors and tourists will be equally impressed by the wide variety of free sites to see in Denver. Seeing all of the public works of art in Denver could be a whole day itinerary for travelers to Denver looking for some fun, free, sightseeing in the city.

Free Sites To See In Denver – Art

The best known public art sculpture in Denver has become the city’s unofficial mascot. The giant blue bear looking through the windows into the Denver Convention Center appears to be leaning on the glass wall of windows trying to get a peak inside at the events happening in the Convention Center.

The official name of the big blue bear at the Convention Center sculpture is I See What You Mean, a title just as playful as the enormous bear sculpture.  The street the blue bear sculpture is on is 14th Street outside of the main entrance of the Denver Convention Center. Of course, the bear can be viewed from the outside of the Convention Center by passers by walking down 14th St. or even by those in cars driving by. (Open your sunroof or moon roof for an even better view as you drive by. Just pay attention to the road and don’t get into any accidents.)

Other well known public sculptures in Downtown Denver are the giant dancers outside of the Denver Performing Arts Complex along Speer Boulevard, and the horse on the giant red chair outside of the Denver Public Library downtown branch and easily seen from the north entrance of the Denver Art Museum. These Denver landmarks are titled Dancers, and The Yearling, respectively.

For more information on Denver’s public art get a copy of the Downtown Guide to Denver Artwork.